MALT Maryland Ale & Lager Technicians


Go to the online entry system developed by Geoff Humphrey at

The cool thing about this program is that you can create a user Id, and create entries and go back and fix the entries, or add new entries.  You can supply a security question, so that if you forget your password, it will ask you your question before reseting your password.  If you don’t think you need that security, you can leave the security question blank, and if you need to reset your password, you can just ignore the security question and get the password reset.  Not very secure, but easy. 

Once you got to the registration system, the first thing you will want to do is hit the Register tab on top.  There you will create a login account based on the email address you supply.  Then you can start entering beers.  Then you can keep coming back to add more entries, or tweak your existing entries.

Click the logo and start entering your beers. Take a look at the rules.  Try hard to get your beer entered in the correct BJCP category.  Good luck. Problems with the website?  Contact me-- Jeff