MALT Maryland Ale & Lager Technicians


Upcoming Events

The next MALT meeting will be on July 15th at the Heneks house in South Laurel MD at 4 PM.  In case you don’t already know, that would be 8817 Briarcroft Lane.  

If you are reading this and are interested in coming, let Jeff Heneks know, or if you have any questions.   Do not worry about membership, just come and bring beer if you like.  Bring some food if you like too.  But don’t worry about either—you will be welcome, even if you don’t bring a thing.   We have never run out of beer, and there is usually plenty of food.  

The plan is to have a sou vide/smoked Brisket and some chilled avocado crabmeat soup and whatever else you all bring. 

Again, please let let Jeff Heneks know, if you plan to come.